We continuously work to develop and offer sustainable solutions that economically solve the durability and preservation needs of pavements.

  • Complete and diverse catalog of asphalt cements (polymer-modified, PG Grades and classified by viscosity).
  • Asphalts modified with polymer for the thin gap-graded bonded wearing course (Rodamat®) and SMA.
  • Design and supply of asphalt and mixes for Perpetual Pavements, which have been used on the main highways of the country and confined lanes of BRT (Bus rapid transit) systems.
  • Thermo-adhesive trackless emulsion for tac-coat.
  • Wide range of asphalt emulsions for different preventive maintenance solutions.
  • Functionalized emulsions for the pavement reclamation and flexibilization of high cement content layers.
  • Equipment for the application of synchronized chip-seals and for microsurfacing.
  • Design and supply of asphalt emulsions for high macrotexture solutions: MacroPlus 12.5 and CASAA cold applied.
  • Balanced mix design: counting our Central Laboratory with the IMT-AMAAC recognition up to Level 4.
  • Rental of track-mounted portable crushing units.
  • Custom formulated asphalts for roofing and sealant industry.
  • Ergon Asfaltos is the official distributor of CRAFCO´s products in Mexico, including rental and sale of sealing, patching and bridge joint equipment.