In response to the need for products with better performance that can withstand high volume as well as all types of traffic and various environmental factors, we have developed processes and formulas that allow for the manufacturing of high performance asphalt.

Our polymer modification process and products result in better performance and longer life for pavements. The result of using our modified products is a pavement that is more resistant to road surface deformations and thermal or degenerative cracking caused by fatigue.

The objective of the Technical Services Division is to evaluate, develop and market new products to obtain superior performance in various applications. The Technical Services group works with our Operations team to guarantee the production of high-quality products throughout all of our plants. Technical Services is also responsible for providing external consulting for our customers. We provide technology, field and laboratory support (personalized designs), and certificates of quality for our products.

Our technical services include pavement design and evaluation of performance indicators. We also provide recommendations about how and when to resurface or apply other treatments to keep pavement performing and operating at a reasonable lifecycle cost.

At Ergon Asfaltos México, we are very proud that our technology and asphalt products are used in a large variety of applications. We believe that working closely with our clients results in products and services that meet the highest expectations of quality, durability and environmental care. We continually revise our existing processes to satisfy the needs of our customers in these changing markets.