Ergon Asfaltos, with 25 years of operation in Mexico, is a company that provides certainty to the country's asphalt pavement industry, operating with the strictest respect for the environment and compliance with regulations.

We are leaders in the production of Performance-Grade (PG) binders, high modulus asphalt mixes, and polymer-modified asphalts with our Stylink® technology, with which more than 70,000 lane-km of pavements have been built in Mexico.

Our Styler® emulsion has been applied to more than 400 million square meters of chip-seals and we are the forerunner in techniques that have proven highly effective, such as synchronized seal application (Macrosello® ) and the CASAA system (ultra-bond and thin surface layer).

We have the largest installed capacity in the country for storage and manufacturing of asphalt products. Our network has been designed to generate value in the supply chain, including an efficient logistics and supply system by sea and rail.

Asfaltos Map

Corporate Office - Puebla Central Laboratory and Technological Center, Puebla Plants and terminals:

  1. Altamira
  2. Coatzacoalcos
  3. Guadalajara
  4. Hermosillo
  5. Mexicali
  6. Monterey
  7. Progress
  8. Salina Cruz
  9. Silao
  10. Tampico
  11. Torreon
  12. Tula
  13. Tuxpan
  14. Tuxtla Gutierrez
  15. Veracruz
  16. Villahermosa